a sneak peak into laundry essentials from root and splendor

We currently have all of our raw materials and packaging on hand to start manufacturing our full laundry line. That’s right, we also have all operations equipment and materials ready to go. As we start this new week, the handcrafting of the laundry line will begin! Yes, that means we are SUPER CLOSE to having the laundry products be available to you!

The laundry line has been dreamt up, researched, formulated, re-formulated (x3), designed, 3rd party tested, sampled, and absolutely perfected! And now the last steps are to handcraft it in small batches, get it photographed, put on the website, and ready for you to bring it home.

Three years ago, when we started planning the laundry line, it was going to consist of 3 main products: laundry detergent, bleach alternative, and stain remover. Today, the laundry line consists of 2 main products: laundry concentrate and stain remover.

The reason we were able to drop an entire product is because with the reformulations of the laundry detergent, we were able to create an outstanding laundry concentrate formula that does the job of the bleach-like product. As you learn and trust Root and Splendor, you will have gain confidence that I will never make nor try to sell you a product that doesn’t have a purpose. We are so proud to get rid of this option from our product line!

No bleach alternative is needed because our laundry concentrate does the job of a bleach-type product. It whitens whites and brightens colors while simultaneously deep cleaning your clothes and fighting off every type of stain.   Our laundry concentrate is completely effective and it’s 100% safe for you to use! Throughout the development of the entire product line we have stayed true to the mission of creating products that are effective, using 100% natural ingredients, completely non-toxic and eco-friendly. We are thrilled to offer one less product due to the excellence of our laundry concentrate!

Also, a little teaser is that our laundry essentials also consists of handmade bamboo measuring cups and one-of-kind mega 100% wool dryer balls ethically handmade by an American female farmer. Root and Splendor really brings you the best! Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming launch.