the 5-year journey to the premium laundry concentrate

Ah, here we are...launching the full Laundry Essentials line!  These products, especially the Laundry Concentrate, has been in the works through development for about 5 years.  It feels SO awesome to finally bring this product to you, for all to enjoy -- ensuring you are getting a highly effective product that is fully natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly.  

Going back to the beginning, I began the arduous research of formulating my own laundry detergent about 5 years ago simply as a way to save money for our family of 5.  I was tired of store bought and mostly mediocre brands that just weren't cleaning our clothes.  I was finding I ended up getting rid of so many clothes that were stained, had pit marks, or were discolored.   These products were also full of ingredients that were known to reek havoc on our organs, allergies, and waterways, just to name a few.  

A small-business owning friend advised that I bring my formula to the market.  Along with this new, daunting task of possibly turning my laundry detergent into a business, my research dug deeper and deeper as my stakes were now much higher -- bringing the products to you.  

And so...the plunge ensued.  I purchased unique ingredients, mixed all sorts of concoctions, experimented with manufacturing pods, powders and liquids.  Although my understanding of science and chemistry grew exponentially during this time, it also didn't take long before I realized that I would need the help of professional scientists and chemists before I felt comfortable releasing this product.  

Sharing with my formulation chemists my formulas and unwavering goals of this product, together, over a time period of 2 1/2 years, we formulated a liquid laundry detergent that met all of my standards and performed well in lab tests. However, this formula had water as an ingredient, and being an eco-friendly company, I didn't think it was sustainable to ship a product such as this.  So, back at it, we reformulated 2 more times again to get a super concentrated laundry concentrate.  At the same time, we formulated a bleach-alternative product and a stain remover.  

I then hired enzyme scientists for the final re-formulation, knowing this last step was necessary for superior efficacy.  Indeed, the product I bring to you today, achieved PREMIUM results in 3rd-party lab tests.  This product utilizes 3 different surfactants and 5 different enzymes to deep clean your clothes, eliminate odors, fights all stains, softens clothes, etc.  In fact, the results were so fantastic in the testing phase, that I was able to completely eliminate my bleach alternative product.  There was simply no longer a need as the Laundry Concentrate will  brighten your colors, whiten your whites, and fights all your stains.  The Laundry Concentrate, used in conjunction with our Pre-Spotter, is a powerhouse laundry routine that can't be beat!    

And, so, friends, today I introduce to you my Laundry Concentrate and Pre-Spotter.  These products are not only 100% natural and plant-based, but are also non-toxic and safe for you and your family.  Further, they are completely eco-friendly with biodegradable ingredients and sustainable packaging. 

From my family to yours, I hope you feel great about using these safe products, and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits while you're at it :)  

Thanks for following along on this journey and for your support of Root and Splendor.