• subscription service now available!

    We are super excited to introduce you to Root and Splendor’s subscription service!  Created for you by popular demand, our goal is to make shopping with Root and Splendor as easy and seamless as possible and to ensure you never run out of your favorite, premium, third party lab-tested,100% natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly home and body products!   Signing up is easy and has many perks, including discounts on all your products.   View Post
  • how every one of your purchases from Root and Splendor helps vulnerable children

    Every purchase you make at Root and Splendor helps vulnerable children.  We give 10% of our profits to Safe Families for Children (SFFC).  SFFC is a national not-for-profit ministry dedicated to walking alongside families in crisis and voluntarily hosting their children while providing support and encouragement to the parents as they tackle homelessness, addiction or other challenges.  The primary goal of SFFC is to keep these families intact and the children out of the foster care system.  Parents ask for help, maintain all their parental rights, can visit and make phone calls, and the children go back living with the parents when they determine the time is right.   View Post
  • the 5-year journey to the premium laundry concentrate

    Ah, here we are...launching the full Laundry Essentials line!  These products, especially the Laundry Concentrate, has been in the works through development for about 5 years.  It feels SO awesome to finally bring this product to you, for all to enjoy -- ensuring you are getting a highly effective product that is fully natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly.  View Post

kristin fracassi, founder of root & splendor

Welcome! This journal will be a behind the scenes look at the brand and why I do what I do, but it will also take a look at my family and our lifestyle – the heartbeat (the roots) of Root and Splendor.