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why we launched an alcohol-free hand cleanser

why we launched an alcohol-free hand cleanser

While Hand Shield is a waterless hand cleanser (very much like sanitizer), it is not technically a "sanitizer" -- and that's because it is (intentionally) alcohol-free. In this post we explain why we chose not to include alcohol in our formula for Hand Shield.

About a month ago we launched our second product line, Hand Shield, and it has quickly become a fan favorite. I actually created the formula for Hand Shield a few years ago, using it in my own home and family to protect our hands while on the go. Due to recent increased demands for hand soaps and sanitizers, I made the decision to bring Hand Shield to everyone.

So, what exactly is Hand Shield? Hand Shield is a waterless hand “cleanser” with added benefits.  Cleansers wash away germs, but most stop there. Hand Shield goes the extra mile in continuing its effectiveness with long-lasting benefits.  While Hand Shield is a waterless hand cleanser (very much like sanitizer), it is not technically a "sanitizer" -- and that's because it is (intentionally) alcohol-free.

Let me explain why ...

#1 -- Alcohol or not, handwashing is still best.

A waterless cleanser must contain at least 60% alcohol in order to be considered a sanitizer (according to the CDC). The CDC recommends hand sanitizing only as a replacement for handwashing, when handwashing with soap and water is not available.  Let me repeat….the CDC recommends sanitizing if you don’t have access to soap and water.  
Let that be your go-to to protect yourself!  Hand sanitizing should never replace good old-fashioned hand washing! 

#2 -- Alcohol dries out your skin, making you even more susceptible to germs after it dries.

Let's dig deeper. Alcohol, as you have probably experienced, tends to be drying on the skin.  Dried skin will likely become cracked, opening up a direct pathway for germs to enter into the bloodstream (compromising your immune system and possibly making you sick even quicker).  Even though the initial germs may die upon the alcohol-based product being applied, this product loses all effectiveness once it has dried.  Thus the need to use more product, which causes more and more dryness and more susceptibility…and so the cycle continues.

By removing alcohol from our cleansing formula, Hand Shield actually moisturizes your hands while it cleans.  The natural vegetable glycerin cleanses, coats, protects and moisturizes your hands preventing chapping and cracking.  In addition, the Hand Shield proprietary blend of essential oils attacks germs with their antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties.  Even more? Hand Shield will continue to work even after you use it and will provide longer-lasting benefits than alcohol-based products!

#3 -- Hand Shield protects the natural microbiome on your hands which is your first line of defense against germs. Alcohol destroys it, compromising your immune system.

Alcohol-based products don’t differentiate between healthy cells on the hand and unhealthy germs.  Alcohol-based products will kill everything living on your hand (with some exceptions 
like the germs causing diarrhea -- Cryptosporidiumnorovirus, and Clostridium difficile).  This means all your germs, including your healthy germs that help build up your immune system, will also die.  Our Hand Shield is formulated to protect the natural microbiome on the hands rather than destroying it all.  We want to keep our healthy germs alive and well so we have an increased immune system! 

Now, we can't say that we won't ever formulate a safer-for-you alcohol-based hand sanitizer, but we believe strongly in our choice to provide a non-toxic, alcohol-free cleanser for all of you. Did we mention it smells delightful? 

So how do we stay protected? Lots of handwashing, and Hand Shield.

Here’s an example of what my family does in these situations.  We are careful not to touch our faces (in times such as these, we also wear protective gloves), we use Hand Shield frequently while we are out, and as soon as we get home we wash thoroughly with soap and water.  We feel confident in this method.  If we were exposed to dangerous germs we are washing them off at the first opportunity.

More than ever in our lifetime, now is the time to take great care of your body and protect your immune system.  Please remember to wash your hands, and drop a bottle of Hand Shield in your purse or pocket whenever you head out the door. 

Stay safe, friends!

** Note: As always, I am not a doctor and this is not personal medical advice. Please consult your doctor when making medical decisions. **