welcome to the journal

Welcome to the Journal at Root and Splendor.  Journaling is not my forte, but I’m learning that I have stories to tell about the why behind each of my products and decisions made here at Root and Splendor.  For instance, there is a meaning behind each of my watercolor on the labels, deep meaning in the logo, reasons why I chose glass spray bottles over plastic for our room and body sprays, and reasons why the laundry line will now just have 3 products instead of 4.  

There is rarely any journey in life (even the simple decisions) that I do not think through intensely and with intention.  This doesn’t serve me well when I’m sitting at a restaurant trying to decide between the salad loaded with all the local fresh vegetables or the juicy hamburger served with homemade fries.  I could sit sipping a cocktail or two as I navigate the pros and cons of these two dishes.  

But as a business owner, this desire in me to know every detail before making a decision is helping me stay committed to the foundations of my company.  When making my decisions at Root and Splendor, I focus on who we are as a company and our commitment to bring you the absolute best. I will research, navigate, consult, and plan until I get the perfect formula, supplier, labels, and packaging options.  There is - without a doubt - meaning behind each of the decisions made and intentionality in staying true to my roots.

This journal will be a behind the scenes look at the brand and why I do what I do, but it will also take a look at my family and our lifestyle – the heartbeat (the roots) of Root and Splendor. 

I hope you enjoy the journal.  Thanks for subscribing and reading along!