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Paper Sandwich Bags

  • $8.00

Finally...a disposable sandwich bag you can feel good about using! Introducing the paper sandwich bags with 50 bags per box.   Each Lunchskins Reusable bag Replaces 500 plastic bags in its lifetime. 

Fits perfectly in your kitchen drawer, when ready to use simply remove self-adhesive closure strip to seal in freshness of your food. These durable & naturally grease-resistant paper bags are recyclable + sealable.  Ideal for subs, hoagies, baguettes and hero sandwiches, pretzels, veggies and much more. Use at home or on the go!

Available in 2 sizes ~ XL and regular.  Winner of the 2017 Green Award.

One small change can make a big difference. It started with a reusable bag reduce lunch waste, and exploded into a global mission that’s prevented over 2.8 billion single-use plastic bags + over 2.6 million plastic straws from entering our oceans and landfills. Each Lunchskins Reusable bag Replaces 500 plastic bags in its lifetime. Plus, our product packaging and shipping materials are recyclable! We care a lot about our planet!