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Toilet Brush & Paper Holder

  • $28.00

TOILET BRUSH & PAPER TOILET BRUSH HOLDER - Outfit your bathroom with this toxin-free toilet brush and holder in waterproof paper pottery.  Plus, it looks so cute in a bathroom compared to the plastic alternatives!

The toilet brush:

This naturally anti-bacterial coconut fiber brush will not become smelly or moldy making it the ideal natural fiber for toilets. The fibers will not flatten or discolor like a nylon brush while the curved shape allows the brush to easily clean under the lip and the S bend. The EcoMax plastic free toilet brush is completely chemical free and will not add micro plastics to our waterways and food chain. Comes together with our plastic-free brush holder.

The holder: 

The brush holder is lightweight, unbreakable and completely waterproof. Ethically handmade from recycled and waste paper lined in natural latex rubber. The toilet brush holder is weighted at the bottom to prevent it falling over.  Choose between paper concrete or paper granite.