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Suave Gift Set

  • $77.00
Twig Mercury
Twig Rose Gold
Thorn Silver

It's time to move on from plastic disposable razors and onto this forever-lasting Suave Gift Set. The reimagined one-blade safety razor from Leaf is both attractive and works efficiently at removing unwanted hairs on all the body parts.  Partnered with a vegan shave and soap bar made with toxin free ingredients and a refill pack of 50 blades, this gift will last a lifetime.  No more contributing to plastic waste and costly plastic razors, this is the perfect gift to give any man or woman, no matter the age.   

Choose between The Twig razor (best suited for folks with sensitive skin, new to metal razors, or if your hair comes in lighter) ~ suited for legs, armpits and all the sensitive areas.  The Thorn razor (best suited for folks with tougher, thicker, coarser hairs) ~ suited for faces, legs, but also sensitive areas if you are not new to metal razors).