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Stainless Tongue Scraper

  • $15.00

100% medical grade stainless steel professional tongue scraper 

improves oral hygiene

prevent bad breath

freshen breath

lower risk of tooth decay & gum disease

smooth rounded edge of the scraper creates a pleasant scraping action easy on your tongue, yet effective at removing unwanted bacteria

made in USA 

tips and tricks from davids: 

You’ll get maximum benefits if you scrape after brushing, especially when there’s still a bit of natural toothpaste left behind.

Your tongue is full of cracks, grooves, and pores. So when you scrape your tongue after brushing, you allow the bacteria-fighting ingredients of our natural toothpaste to enter these spaces and begin cleaning. Then, you can use your tongue scraper to wipe away remaining food particles, residue, and bacteria for a deeper clean.

One last pro tip: we recommend doing this entire routine first thing in the morning before you eat or drink anything. This is because tons of bacteria form and fester in your mouth while you sleep, so if you wake up and take a big gulp of water, you might be swallowing harmful bacteria that could disrupt the balance of your gut microbiome. Avoid this by starting your day with a fresh mouth.