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Hush Blend

Hush Blend

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Hush – If ever there was a blend with a beautiful story, this is the one.  Hush, our most cherished blend, is named after our beloved Jacqueline Hush Moore.  This blend is crafted and inspired by the life Jacque lived, especially in her last days on this earth, and the love and courage she exemplified.  This room and body spray will be sure to calm and relax you, taking even the slightest bits of stress away with scents of rosemary and lavender.  Its scent is uniquely herbaceous, floral and woody.

Hush contains essential oils that are known to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and tension, and promote grounding and calmness.  Whether used before bed to encourage healthy sleep or throughout the day for reduction of stress, Hush is a must-have for your collection. 

Our handcrafted room and body sprays are composed of our signature blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils, organic vegetable glycerin, and distilled water.  All our blends are specifically crafted for wonderful aromas and emotional well-being.  We follow strict standards, set by the Environmental Working Group and Natural Product Association.  We choose earth’s finest, 100% natural and non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients for each of our products.

Available in 4oz.  2oz size is available in our Signature Collection Sample Pack of room and body sprays.    

Shake well.  Spray often.  Safe for all ages.