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Eucalyptus Steam Shower Vapors

  • $28.00

Use one steamer in the shower to promote deep support of your respiratory health with the power of eucalyptus.  This vapor is combined with concentrated cooling peppermint for an awakening and refreshing shower.  One round lasts 1-2 showers.  

Place one rounds in the shower in the direct stream of water. As the round(s) get wet, they begin to dissolve and release essential oils into the hot shower steam. The patent-pending slow-release technology gives you several minutes of refreshing, EUCALYPTUS STEAM® filled air. The beautiful glass jar contains 9-10 pieces or buy individually. Enjoy the EUCALYPTUS STEAM® shower experience.

Recyclable glass and metal packaging | pure essential oils by No Tox Life

EUCALYPTUS STEAM® is an internationally registered trademark of Earth & Daughter, LLC Rounds may break in transit, but this is normal and will not effect the efficacy of the product.