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  • $58.00
Rose Gold

Introducing the reimagined safety razor that makes single-blade shaving accessible.  One blade. Precise control. Fixed head and a lower price point. An accessible, easy-to-master shave that’s good for the planet.  Unlike traditional safety razors, Leaf's razors are fine-tuned to be forgiving for a quicker, easier learning curve.  They have smaller heads for tight spots and the inverted thickness handle feels good in your hand.  

Disposable plastic razors doesn't cut it.  Why? Because they create an incredible amount of waste, cost too much, and simply don’t work that well. Leaf set out to create a better razor—and that meant removing all the plastic.

Choose between The Twig razor (best suited for folks with sensitive skin, new to metal razors, or if your hair comes in lighter) ~ suited for legs, armpits and all the sensitive areas.  The Thorn razor (best suited for folks with tougher, thicker, coarser hairs) ~ suited for faces, legs, but also sensitive areas if you are not new to metal razors).

Leaf single edge razors provide simple, close shaves while reducing irritation and ingrown hairs. If you’re looking for a single blade shave there is no better option.

✓ Intuitive blade angle
✓ Back-weighted handle
✓ Magnetic Load Assist™
✓ Twist-to-open loading
✓ Works with standard safety razor blades

What's included: 

~ your Twig or Thorn Razor

~5-blade starter pack (on average folks get 5 to 10 shaves per blade)

~ plastic-free packaging 

Leaf is designing the future of shaving, and that future is plastic free, recyclable and refillable.  Also available for purchase are 50-blade razor packs, a blade recycling tin, and shave soap bar.