Trio Gift Sets

Are you looking for a Root and Splendor gift set to give your loved ones?  Look no further.  This package of 3 gift sets is the perfect way to share non-toxic love and introduce your friends to the splendor of all of our products including the aromatherapy of our Room and Body Sprays, the protection of our Hand Shield, and the best laundry experience with our Laundry Concentrate samples.  Our products are always 100% natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly (including our packaging)!  

Box 1 - includes 4 full size (4 fl oz) Room and Body Sprays of our signature blends.  Including Hush, Humble, 2250 and Swell Blends.  Safe for spraying in rooms, on bodies, animals, any and all.  A great way to freshen any space!

Box 2 - includes 5 bottles (2 fl oz) of our highly effective, premium quality, third party lab-tested liquid laundry soap and 1 bottle (2 fl oz) stain remover.  Each Laundry Concentrate bottle gives you 4 loads of laundry.  This gift set includes each blend in our scent profile including Hush, Humble, 2250, and Swell Blends, as well as a bamboo cup to measure out the perfect 1 Tablespoon load.  Also included, but not pictured, is a sample of our Free and Clear laundry soap (unscented and perfect for super sensitive skin and babies).  

Box 3 - includes 3 on-the-go size (2 fl oz) bottles of Hand Shield.  This is an excellent companion to take along with you - take it to work, travel, errands, school, gym, etc.  This powerhouse formula is designed to cleanse the hands in between hand washings while also fighting off germs with the antiviral, antimicrobial, and antibacterial properties of essential oils. Alcohol free, Hand Shield moisturizes and protects the hands without causing chapping or drying.  It smells amazing, too! 

Add on our Organic Wool Dryer Balls to complete this set and have all Root and Splendor Products!  A perfect gift bundle for you or someone you love!  

  • $100.00