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Our handcrafted Room and Body Sprays are composed of our signature blends of organic and wild-crafted essential oils, organic vegetable glycerin and distilled water.  The ingredients in each of our products are verified safe by the EWG.  Each product is intended to promote emotional well-being.  

Beyond the aromas, we want you to be fully confident in the safety and non-toxicity of your entire product.  As a consumer we want you to also consider the packaging.  Did you know that essential oils may oxidize, deteriorate and lose their beneficial therapeutic properties and aromas over time?  In order to protect these powerful essential oils and all their benefits, your packaging should be amber or cobalt blue in color.  Why do we choose glass bottles over plastic?  Again, this is a no-brainer at Root and Splendor.  Glass, though costlier, is the material we believe is safest for our consumers.  The essential oils can eat plastic over time, damage your oils and chemistry of your spray.  Once that's altered we would never want you spraying that on your body or inhaling the aromas.  Either way, it enters your bloodstream and we don't ever want to risk your health.  

As always, with any natural product with no synthetics, shake your Room and Body Spray well before each use.  Spray often.  Safe for children and adults.