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Room and Body Sprays

Our handcrafted Room and Body Sprays are composed of our signature blends of pure and natural essential oils, vegetable glycerin and distilled water.  Composed of fully natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly ingredients, each room and body spray also promotes emotional well-being and aromatherapy benefits. 

Beyond the beautiful scent profile, you can be fully confident in the safety and non-toxicity of your Root and Splendor products.  As a consumer we want you to also consider packaging and its impact on your health and the environment.

Our room and body sprays are stored in glass which, unlike plastic, will prevent the essential oils from oxidizing, deteriorating, or compromising their beneficial aromatherapy properties and scents over time.  Glass, though costlier, is the material we believe is safest for our formulas and customers.  The essential oils can eat plastic over time, damaging the oils and the chemistry makeup of your spray.  Once that's altered we would never want you spraying that on your body or inhaling the aromas as it could pose a risk to your health.  Furthermore, glass, though heavier, is the most easily recycled material making it a preferred choice for sustainability.  Also, glass maintains its structure and integrity over time leaving it as a great option for repurposing and refilling with more room and body spray!  

Shake your Room and Body Spray well before each use.  Spray often and everywhere - on your bodies, in your rooms, on the animals, kids or cars.  Safe for any and all.

Room and Body Sprays

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