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Wilderness Collection

Heading into the great outdoors is our favorite past time at Root and Splendor! 

Our Wilderness Collections is created to inspire us to get outside with the comfort of knowing we are protected.  This fantastic collection includes various sizes of our popular Hand Shield and Bug Shield, including refill sizes, as well as the loved Root and Splendor embroidered hats!  

Hand Shield ~ Hand Shield is a natural, plant-based hand cleanser to keep hands protected & moisturized while on-the-go and at home.  Formulated without alcohol to keep the healthy microbiome alive, this powerhouse formula contains pure and natural essential oils known for their antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.  

Bug Shield ~ Bug Shield is a natural, plant-based, deet-free formula to keep bugs away and your skin protected while you enjoy the great outdoors.  Bug Shield’s long-lasting protection and powerhouse formula has been proven to keep all the bugs away even from the most bitten prone skin.  

More to come to this fantastic collection!

Wilderness Collection

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