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Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

  • $10.00

Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set ~ Bring this reusable set anywhere with you and ditch the plastic utensils!  Kids backpacks, camping, traveling, or even keeping in your car to use instead of plastic utensils when eating out.  Easy to travel with and easy to store.


1x Bamboo Fork

1x Bamboo Knife

1x Bamboo Spoon

1x Organic Cotton Travel Pouch (Marigold or Indigo)

Dimensions: 10" length 1.5" width Weight: 2.3 oz

Cleaning: Hand wash and air dry Ideal for:

Environmental Impact: Each plastic utensil that has ever been produced is still around on our planet and will be for hundreds of years. Eventually, microplastics will be left forever.

This set is completely compostable.