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Toilet Paper

  • $15.00
Welcome to Plant Paper: tree-free, toxin-free and septic safe toilet paper.  Plant Paper is the response to an industry and an hygienic practice in dire need of an update. It wasn't enough just to make a cleaner toilet paper; it had to be a better toilet paper—a toilet paper we ourselves would want to use. A trade-up, not a trade-off. A toilet paper without compromise.

Plant Paper is: 
~Setting a new industry standard for softness. Thicker, more absorptive, three ply, with a unique double sided embossing pattern.
~Unlike traditional toilet paper, Plant Paper is 100% lab-certified bleach, formaldehyde & PFAS-free, as well as Totally Chlorine Free, making it a much safer toilet paper compared to traditional toilet paper, as well as other bamboo paper.  
~Septic Safe.  Compared to other 2- and 3-ply premium toilet paper brands, whether tree- or bamboo-based, Plant Paper breaks down quickly and completely.
~FSC-Certified Bamboo.  Traditional toilet paper is made by systematically destroying the most efficient system of carbon capture on earth: the Boreal Forest.  All the bamboo pulp produced worldwide originates in China. That’s because bamboo grows abundantly there, and the infrastructure to process it is well-established.

Available in: 8-packs or individually wrapped rolls.  

8-pack: The chipboard 8-pack is a beautiful and discreet low-impact box that holds 8 naked rolls inside. Its construction is somewhat origami-like, making the overall experience special for the customer and helps to re-frame what toilet paper should be (and what Plant Paper is!): environmentally-sound, premium, soft and strong. 

Individually wrapped rolls: Great for those wanting to try Plant Paper or those wanting on the go, throw in your bag or stroller, take along camping or hiking, etc). The Kraft wrapper is super discreet and simple in its design — fitting for any interior.