Frank & Fir - frankincense, fir & orange

Frank & Fir – Back by popular request, our formerly seasonal blend has now earned a permanent spot in our Room and Body Spray collection!  Inspired by the holidays and freshly cut trees, Frank & Fir is simply necessary as you cozy up throughout the cooler seasons and beyond.  Sweet, woodsy frankincense blended with clean and fresh fir essential oils are perfectly balanced with citrus undertones in this must have Room and Body Spray.    

Use your Frank & Fir Room and Body Spray to freshen any room or body, but it can also be used on animals, linens, cars, and so much more.  Frank & Fir contains essential oils that are known to reduce feelings of stress & anxiety and promote grounding while also embodying an uplifting and refreshing atmosphere.  Add this new scent to your collection for some holiday cheer and keep the calming vibes with you all year long! 

Our handcrafted Room and Body Sprays are composed of our signature blends of essential oils, vegetable glycerin, and distilled water.  All our blends are specifically crafted for wonderful aromas and emotional well-being.  Each ingredient is carefully selected for the safety of our health and environment.  We use earth’s finest, 100% natural & non-toxic, eco-friendly ingredients for each of our products.  

Available in 4 oz and 2 oz.  

Shake well, spray often.  Safe for anybody & everybody.  

  • $16.00