• Nathan (Carlsbad, CA)

    My favorite spray is Root and Splendor’s Humble scent.  It reminds me of taking  a relaxing walk through a forest and realizing how awesome mother nature really is. It’s quite literally “humbling.” 

    -Nathan (Carlsbad, CA)

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  • Lisa (Hathaway, MT)

    Here’s how much I love my root and splendor sprays: I use them in my car, on my bedsheets, in all of our bathrooms, and also throughout every single yoga class I teach. It calms me when I’m driving, refreshes our home and sets the tone for my Yoga classes. These products are beautifully made, hand-crafted, slow-crafted with attention and every scent is incredibly versatile and universally loved by all who come into contact with them.

    -Lisa (Hathaway, MT)

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  • Tara (Vista, CA)

    “Since we are washing our hands so often around here we are all in love with your Hand Shield.  If we weren’t using it on our hands they would be a heck of a lot drier.  But given we are using it regularly it is helping keep our hands moisturized and the smell is comforting!”

    -Tara (Vista, CA)

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kristin fracassi, founder of root & splendor

Welcome! This journal will be a behind the scenes look at the brand and why I do what I do, but it will also take a look at my family and our lifestyle – the heartbeat (the roots) of Root and Splendor.