We donate 10% of all profits to Safe Families for Children - a local charity fueled by compassion to keep children safe and families intact.


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We'd love to tell you a little bit about us.  Root and Splendor found its roots in the humble farm home of Kristin and her family in the rolling hills of rural San Diego.  As a family, we are passionate about non-toxic and simpler lifestyles.  As a company, we love helping you find cleaner products for your bodies and homes.  We adhere to using Earth’s finest, non-toxic ingredients, scented with organic and wild-crafted essential oils in each of our products.  As a means of ensuring we bring you the best quality, we handcraft everything right here in Vista, CA. 

Root and Splendor will bring you products with ingredients verified safe by the EWG.  Just as the quality of the soil at the root of the plant impacts how well it grows and flourishes, we believe our bodies and minds are similar.  What we put into our roots matters.  From our roots, we may experience splendor.  Hence our name, Root and Splendor.

In addition to using the best ingredients we can find, we take pride in being a socially conscious company.  This means that we aim to source from companies with fair trade standards, but we are also committed to giving back to our community.  We give 10% of profits to Safe Families for Children - a national and local charity fueled by compassion to keep children safe and families intact.  Further, with sustainability in mind, we try to use recycled or recyclable packing whenever possible.  

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Kristin ~ Creator of Root and Splendor

Kristin ~ Founder of Root and Splendor  ~ in the family chicken coop.