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About Root and Splendor

We are a clean-living lifestyle brand committed to formulating and handcrafting powerfully effective home and body products, in sustainable packaging, that are safer for people and planet.  Founded and owned by a mom of 4 boys who wanted safer products for her family, she could not find any natural products that could effectively and safely clean through their odors and stains.   After 5 years of research and development, along with the help of formulation chemists and enzyme scientists, we created the premium products of Root and Splendor.  Made in Vista, CA, Root and Splendor laundry essentials are products you not only can trust, but will provide the best laundry experience you have had.   

Here are the details:   

Inside the packaging:  

  1. Transparency: We believe you should know about each ingredient in the products you use, therefore we are fully transparent.  You will always know what is in each of our products.   
  2. Plant-based Ingredients and no harsh chemicals: Each of our ingredients is sourced from nature.  There are no synthetic ingredients in our formulas and zero harsh chemicals.   
  3. Safer for people and planet ingredients: Natural ingredients is NOT the same things as safe ingredients.  An unknown fact is that many natural ingredients can still have negative health effects including damaging our reproductive and respiratory systems.  Therefore, each of Root and Splendor’s ingredients is not just natural, but is also safe for people, the environment, waterways.   We reference various databases to ensure each ingredient is accepted as safe.   
  4. Enzymes:  Enzymes are the hero ingredients of our products.  While other brands leave all or some enzymes out of formulas, we use 5 different types of enzymes.  Enzymes are necessary for true odor and stain removal.  Leaving them out of formulas will leave odors and stains untouched.  Plant-based miracles and working at the microfiber level, enzymes deeply clean clothes while also softening clothes, brightening colors, and whitening whites.   
  5. Ultra-concentrated with no water: Sustainability is the driving force of all that we do.  While other brands have up to 90% water in their formulas, we have zero water in our laundry concentrate.  Water is bulky and not eco-friendly, but it’s also a precious resource – our washing machines add plenty of water for us so there was no need to add water into our formulas.  In fact, our ultra concentrated formulas only require 1 Tablespoon (1/2 fl oz), and no dilution, per load to get our premium clean.  Simply use 2 Tablespoons (1 fl oz) for a large or heavily soiled load.   
  6. Scent profile of pure and natural essential oils: Fragrance is one of the leading culprits of dangers to our health, but we all love great smelling laundry.  Available in 4 different blends, our scent profile is made with pure and natural essential oils that leave your laundry smelling clean and amazing.     

The packaging:  

  1. Eco-friendly and Sustainable packaging: We chose a bag-in-box and bag-in-bottle design for our laundry essentials to be more environmentally friendly.  The bag on the inside is recyclable, while the outside is compostable or recyclable.  In addition, when looking at the full life cycle (how it’s made, stored, transported, used, and where it ends up), this packaging provides an 800% reduction in carbon footprint compared to a rigid plastic jug.   

In addition to sustainable packaging, here are additional steps we take to be more environmentally friendly.   

  1. Refill options:  All of our products are available in refillable, bulk sizes, delivered to your door.  You can buy bigger up front and refill your smaller containers, as needed.  In addition, we partner with hundreds of low waste, bulk refill stores around the country.  These independently run local stores, carry our products in bulk and you can fill up your own container over and over again, totally eliminating the need for a single use container.  This refill process is not only better for the environment, but also saves you money as you are not purchasing the cost of the packaging over and over again.  To find a refill store near you please visit: 
  2. Closed-loop: When our refill partners purchase in us from bulk, we take back their empty containers, refill them ourselves, and send them back again.  We try to keep items in use and out of recycling and landfills as long as possible.   

Socially conscious company:  

  1. Safe Families for Children: We are thrilled to give back to a national not-for-profit called Safe Families for Children.  A portion of our profits is donated to this ministry dedicated to helping keep vulnerable children safe, while also breaking the chains of isolation for families in crisis.  Background checked and vetted families voluntarily provide a safe place for children to sleep while the parents voluntarily address the issue contributing to their crisis which may be homelessness, health issues, domestic violence, drug use or others.  The goal is for the family to be reunited stronger and healthier than before asking for help and having a community of support wrapped around them.   For more information please visit: 


Thank you for your support of Root and Splendor.  Please reach out with any additional questions. You may email us at or chat with us here.